About Tameless Tallow 

What We Offer

At Tameless Tallow, we offer our handmade products at a fair price so that everyone can enjoy our high-quality items. We believe it's important to treat yourself, and we take special care to make each item unique and special. We offer 100% natural soaps made by hand in our home - NOT in a factory.  We infuse them with herbs and other nourishing ingredients to enhance your skin. We have complete control over the ingredients, the fragrances, and the process of rendering the tallow, so we can ensure that every single step of our process meets the highest standards. 
There are so many things about our products that we know you will love:
>> We handcraft every single batch
>> We create our own fragrances so you know your scent is original and unique 
>> Herbs, skin-nourishing seed butters, and plant oils are used to enhance the texture of your skin
>> We make our soap in small batches, and we create everything about our items with care and intention. 
>> We are a local small business - Texas-based and an active part of our community.
What We Offer

Who We Are 

We are a family-operated business located in Cleveland, Texas. We love herbs, natural body care, history & folklore. Tameless Tallow allows us to bring all of our loves to you!
 Several years ago, we needed to find a special soap that would help heal and protect a sensitive skin issue we were dealing with in our family. We tried everything on the market, and we weren't satisfied with any of them. What we found available to us was filled with chemicals that we did not want, or it just didn't give us the healing results we needed. That was when we started looking at making our own soaps, so we could control the ingredients and find the perfect blend we needed. Tallow has been used for thousands of years as a soap base, so we started there. The more soaps we created, the happier we were with our products, and now we want to share these unique creations with you!
Who We Are 

Why Beef Tallow Based Soaps

Tallow is a common ingredient used in soap making. Traditionally, tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat, which has been used for centuries to make soap. It is a hard, white, waxy substance that is solid at room temperature and has a high melting point. Tallow is prized in soap-making for its ability to create a hard, long-lasting bar of soap with excellent lathering and cleansing properties. At Tameless Tallow, we appreciate the sustainable aspect of using this as the base for our products, which are 40% beef tallow.
Tallow has a large range of benefits for your skin.
>> It is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B1.
>> It helps aging skin by increasing elasticity and helping reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 
>> Tallow is great for sensitive skin conditions like eczema, sunburn, and skin that needs a tender touch. 
Why Beef Tallow Based Soaps
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