Ojo Limpia

$ 12
( OJO) Limpia This I put alot of thought into and may not be for everyone and that's absolutely understandable I am Mexican and Limpias were given to my fathers side of his family so I thought what a fabulous way to infused egg into a bar .. Cascarilla eggshell into the finest powder for exfoliation and a cleansing there is nothing better then washing all negativity off at the end of the day this bar also has coconut milk and sage in it... When purchasing this bar you will receive a ( Amulet )an ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease."in other communities people carry amulets with them to protect themselves from the evil eye"I have mine hanging in my jeep. Essential oil scents... Anise Saffron Eucalyptus Basil Blackberry Fennel and AmberUnisex soap .... For everyone 💓